The Smart Green Shipping Alliance, SGSA, is an award winning systems design house developing system solutions to contribute technically and commercially viable solutions that enable the rapid reduction of emissions from the shipping sector. It is privately owned and convenes a wider collaboration of SMEs, large corporations pioneering maritime renewables.  

Our purpose is to build 100% renewable powered ships.

The first step is to retrofit an existing ship.

The International Maritime Organisation has committed the shipping sector to reducing GHG emissions by at least 50% by 2050 and to reach zero emission as soon as possible.

This means that new ships operating today, which have a typical 30-year lifetime, must work in a zero-emission world.


Shipping is complex and interconnected. SGSA works across the shipping system - with ship owners, operators, shipping law and insurers, financiers and end-users – the cargo owners. Collectively they give us the parameters - the size of ship, it’s speed, routes, loading and discharge ports and so on - around which we can design technically and commercially viable ships.


Renewable energy improves shipping's economic resilience. It fundamentally alters the economic dynamics of ships' commercial performance. Once the technology to harness renewables is installed significant amounts of propulsion are free, abundant and exclusively available to that particular ship.

This allows hedging against commodity fuel risks, improves predictability of cash-flow whilst reduced fuel consumption increases operational flexibility because fewer bunkering visits are necessary.  

The cost of renewables is tethered only to the cost of technology, and we know from the evolution of renewables in power generation how those costs are falling rapidly. Commodity fuels, be they fossil, bio or synthetic, are inextricably linked to inherently volatile markets. The more renewables a ship can harness the more fuel autonomous and commercially resilient it becomes.

For shipping the renewable energy of choice, of course, is wind. Over thousands of years humankind has facilitated global trade through wind powered ships. Using 21st century technology, materials and knowledge means the modern sailing-hybrid ship will look as much like the Cutty Sark as a Tesla does a Model T Ford.

system design

Developing viable systems for the future involves examining and understanding all aspects of the complex, interconnected existing infrastructure and the systemic connections between the elements of the prevailing systems. It then demands the application of creative effort across the entire system to envisage, design, develop and build new technologies, enablers, organisations and infrastructures.

SGSA organises its work in Three Pillars – hardware, software and commercial structures.

This work creates four distinct and inter-connected products:

•       FastRigs – retrofit wind-assist technology - hardware

•       ZipShip – 100% renewable, new build ships - hardware

•       TradeWind – the digital enabler for renewable powered ships - software

•       RE:Surge – lease-finance to enable renewable powered shipping – commercial

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system solution